Study Resources

QIAL Study Resources

To further support your preparations for the QIAL, The IIA has developed a list of information resources for your consideration. You are not expected to read all the items in this list, but it may help guide you in the right direction. This list is subject to regular updates and expansion.

QIAL Study Resources

Now Available

The Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA‒United Kingdom and Ireland) has developed a QIAL online study system that combines user-friendly functionality with access to study texts, case studies, and other resources, such as podcasts and a collaborative “wiki.”

  • You will have access to a tutor who will assist you in your preferred areas of study. You can contact your tutor with questions.
  • The learning resources are interactive. Podcasts, videos, and case studies will make learning stimulating, rather than a chore.
  • You can contact other QIAL students via online forums to share and discuss ideas and issues.
  • The learning system offers the flexibility to study on your own schedule.

Click here to access the QIAL study materials.


Case Study 1: Internal Audit Leadership

Case Study 2: Organizational Leadership

Case Study 3: Ethical Leadership

Presentation: Innovation and Change Leadership