Pricing Structure

Qualification in Internal Audit Leadership (QIAL) Investment

Earning your QIAL makes a profound statement about your dedication and expertise. The designation can open new doors and develop a compelling testimonial about your capabilities and leadership. The QIAL is designed to:

  • Increase your earning potential.
  • Open more opportunities for advancement.
  • Improve your leadership and team building skills.
  • Help you earn credibility and respect in your field with peers and stakeholders.

“As a chief audit executive, I think the QIAL develops leaders who think more, learn more, dream more, and do more with the resources provided to achieve internal audit best practice.” Joanne Traice, Director, Internal Audit and Risk – DP World

The QIAL investment is made over the course of your qualification journey, per the schedule below. The pace of your journey is up to you and can be completed over a four-year period.

The investment for each phase of the program is listed below.

QIAL Investment Table

IIA Member Nonmember
Application US$250 US$300
Case Study or PPE unit 1 US$450 US$600
Case Study or PPE unit 2 US$450 US$600
Case Study or PPE unit 3 US$450 US$600
Presentation US$950 US$1,150
Interview US$1,450 US$1,750

Access CCMS to begin the application and registration process or contact for more information.