Planning Schedule

QIAL Planning Schedule

As you prepare for each part of the Qualification in Internal Audit Leadership (QIAL), you are most likely wondering how to prepare and schedule your Portfolio of Professional Experience (PPE) or Case Study, Presentation, and Panel Interview.

To help you prepare, a schedule has been created to assist you in your planning process. The tables in the linked PDF below indicate when you must submit your PPE or sit for a Case Study in order to be eligible for the available Presentation and Panel Interview dates.

Please note that all units of the PPE must be approved or all three Case Studies must be passed in order to register and schedule your Presentation and Panel Interview. It is also important to remember that the PPE unit registrations must be submitted prior to review of your submission. Additionally, each Case Study registration must be submitted prior to sitting at a local Pearson VUE testing center.

QIAL Planning Schedule

If you have any questions or need guidance with the QIAL process, email