Exam Syllabus

Qualification in Internal Audit Leadership (QIAL) Steps to Achievement and Methodology

QIAL Steps to Achievement

As a QIAL candidate you will select the pathway that aligns with where you are on your career journey.

QIAL Pathways

Methodology Description

You will make a presentation based upon case information provided to you or your own unique experiences. The knowledge and skills you develop are directly linked to The IIA’s latest Competency Framework. You can schedule your in-person session by contacting QIAL@theiia.org. To view in-person session availability dates and locations, visit the QIAL home page.

QIAL Methodology Description Time
Three Case Studies Candidates critically analyze one task per case study consisting of an extensive set of complex information, and produce a written response providing penetrating insights for a senior-level audience. 3–4 hours per case study
Portfolio of Professional Experience Experienced AEs may opt to replace the three case-study exams and document their own professional experience with supporting evidence.
Presentation Candidates present to a senior-level panel on a set topic followed by a question and answer session. 20 minutes
Interview A panel interview draws upon personal and professional experience. 90 minutes

To learn more about the QIAL exam content, please download the QIAL Syllabus here.

Access CCMS to begin the application and registration process or contact QIAL@theiia.org for more information.

QIAL Study Resources

Now Available

The Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA‒United Kingdom and Ireland) has developed a QIAL online study system that combines user-friendly functionality with access to study texts, case studies, and other resources, such as podcasts and a collaborative “wiki.”

  • You will have access to a tutor who will assist you in your preferred areas of study. You can contact your tutor with questions.
  • The learning resources are interactive. Podcasts, videos, and case studies will make learning stimulating, rather than a chore.
  • You can contact other QIAL students via online forums to share and discuss ideas and issues.
  • The learning system offers the flexibility to study on your own schedule.

Click here to access the QIAL study materials.